Calcium chloride CAS NO.10043-52-4

Product Description

CAS NO.10043-52-4
Molecular Formula:CaCl2 or CaCl2(H2O)2
Relative Molecular Weight: 110.98 or 147.01
Appearance: white granule
Purity: 99%Min
Product Use:
1. Calcium chloride is Used as refrigerant, food processing, pharmaceuticals, etc.
2. Calcium chloride is Used as calcium fortifier, chelating agent, curing agent and refrigerant in food industry.
3. Calcium supplement for feed.
4. Calcium chloride is used As a coagulant, our country stipulates that it can be used in a proper amount in soybean products according to production needs.
5. Calcium chloride is Used as refrigerant (such as refrigerated brine for refrigerators, refrigerated brine for ice making and ice sticks), antifreeze, automobile antifreeze and fire extinguishing agent. Flame retardants for melting ice and snow, finishing and finishing of cotton fabrics. Used as adhesives and wood preservatives. It is the raw material for making anhydrous calcium chloride. Used in wall painting and plastering operations to increase the condensation capacity. Rubber production is used as a condensate. Mixed starch paste is used as sizing agent. It is also used in the smelting of non-ferrous metals. Used as medicine.
6. Calcium chloride is used as Oxygen and sulfur absorbents. Food protectant. Sizing agent.  Water purifying agent. Antifreeze
Packing And Storage:
Every 25Kg should be put in one bag with inner plastic film and outer plastic woven bag. or as per customer's requirement.

Products should be stored in the dry, ventilated and cool place inside the door for fear of damp.

Calcium chloride dust removalCalcium chloride wastewater treatmentCalcium chloride deicing

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