EDTA CAS NO. 60-00-4

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Product Description

CAS NO. 60-00-4
Molecular Formula:C10H16N2O8
Molecular Weight: 292.24
Method of use:
1. EDTA is widely used as bleaching fixing solution, dyeing assistant, fiber treatment additive, cosmetic additive, blood anticoagulant, detergent, stabilizer, synthetic rubber polymerization initiator and edta as representative substances of chelating agent. Stable water-soluble complexes can be formed with alkali metals, rare earth elements and transition metals. In addition to sodium salt, there are ammonium salt and iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, aluminum and other salt, these salts have different uses. In addition, edta can also be used to detoxify harmful radioactive metals from the human body. It is also an important indicator of water treatment. TA is also an important indicator, but it is used to titrate nickel, copper, etc., and it has to be used with ammonia in order to act as an indicator.                                 
2. EDTA is an excellent chelating agent for calcium and magnesium ions, which is used as chelating agent for water used in emulsion polymerization to remove ca2, mg2, fe2, fe3 and other metal ions. It is also used as the complexing agent of anaerobic adhesive, that is, the diester of methacrylic acid is treated with edta to remove the transition metal ions and eliminate the effect that can promote the decomposition of peroxide, and the effect of improving the stability of anaeric adhesive is very good. The metal ions chelated by Edta sodium salt can improve the modification of acrylic acid quickly. Storage stability of solid structure adhesive (sga), dosage-3 × 10 × 4 ~ 6.0 × 10 ~ (- 4). The storage stability of 50 ℃ is more than 360 h (storage at 50 ℃ for 4 days, equivalent to 1 year of sga20~c storage).
3. It is often used to soften boiler water quality. Prevent scaling.

Packing and storage:
Every 25Kg of solid products should be put in one bag with inner plastic film and outer plastic woven bag, or as per customer's requirment.

Products should be stored in the dry, ventilated and cool place inside the door for fear of damp. Don't store them together with inflammable, corrosive and toxic goods.


Items Industry Standard Daily Standard
 Apperance White crystal powder White crystal powder
Purity 99%Min 99.5%Min
Chlorid Content(Cl) 0.01%Max 0.01%Max
Sulfate Content(SO4) 0.05%Max 0.05%Max
Pb Content 0.001%Max 0.001%Max
Fe Content 0.001%Max 0.001%Max
Loss on drying (105±2℃) 0.2%Max 0.2%Max
Chelating value (mgCaCO3/g) 339Min 339Min
PH Value 2.8-3.0 2.8-3.0
NTA  % -- 0.1%Max

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