Dibasic Sodium Phosphate CAS NO.7558-79-4

Product Description

CAS NO.7558-79-4
Molecular Formula:Na2HPO4
Relative Molecular Weight: 141.96
Appearance: white powder or particle
Purity: 99%Min 
Product Use:
Disodium hydrogen phosphate can be used to produce citric acid, water softener, fabric weight-increasing agent, fire retardant, glaze flux, welding flux, medicine, pigments, food industry and other phosphates as industrial water treatment agent, printing and dyeing detergent, quality improver, neutralizer, antibiotic culture agent, biochemical treatment agent, food quality improver.
Packing And Storage:
Every 25Kg should be put in one bag with inner plastic film and outer plastic woven bag. or as per customer's requirement.

Products should be stored in the dry, ventilated and cool place inside the door for fear of damp.

Sodium phosphate softener

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