High quality chloride calcium dihydrate anhydrous 25kg

Basic Info

Color: White

Appearance: Powder

Water Insoluble Matter%: ≤0.05

Alkalinity (calculated As Ca(OH)2)%: ≤0.2

Sulfate (calculated As CaSO4): ≤ 0.1

PH: 8-10

Product Description

Calcium chloride (anhydrous calcium chloride, calcium chloride dihydrate)

Product Usage:

Calcium chloride has an exothermic effect, low freezing point of aqueous solution, strong moisture absorption, poor corrosiveness to metals, and accelerated condensation of organic high molecular substances, so it is widely used in several aspects:

1) Snow and de-icing of roads, highways, parking lots, docks;

2) Oil drilling, drilling working fluid, completion fluid, petrochemical dehydrating agent;

3) Control dust, coal dust, and dust;

4) Calcium chloride solution is used as a flocculant in the seaweed sodium industry and soy products industry; as a cold carrier in the refrigeration and cold drink industry; also used in sewage treatment;

5) It is used to control the decay of wheat, apple, cabbage and other food preservatives, vegetables and dry preservation;

6) Make concrete antifreeze and accelerate the solidification time of cement;

7) Raw materials for the manufacture of calcium and other precious metals by melt electrolysis.

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