Potassium sulfate CAS No.: 7778-80-5

Basic Info

Color: White

Appearance: Powder, Colorless Or White

Traits: Hexagonal Or Orthorhombic Crystalline Or Granular Powder

Potassium Sulfate (K%) Content: 50%-52%

Potassium Sulfate (S%) Content: 18%

Product Description

Name: Potassium Sulfate

English name: Potassium Sulphate

CAS No.: 7778-80-5

Appearance and traits: Colorless or white hexagonal or orthorhombic crystalline or granular powder.

Potassium sulphate is an inorganic salt, and potassium sulfate for agricultural use generally has a K content of 50% to 52% and an S content of about 18%.

Potassium (K) function:

1. Promote sugar metabolism and have a good effect on improving the yield and quality of starch and sugar crops.

2. Promote the protein synthesis of crops, and increasing the application of potassium fertilizer is one of the important methods to increase the yield of fruits and vegetables.

3. It plays an important role in the strong growth of crops and can improve the lodging resistance and pest and disease resistance of crops.

Sulfur (S) function:

1. Sulfur can promote the synthesis of sugar and starch in crops.

2, sulfur is an important part of protein, sulfur deficiency will affect the synthesis of protein, affecting the growth of crops.

3. Sulfur is an important component of plant enzymes. It can activate and catalyze certain enzymes, thereby enhancing the metabolism of crops, promoting the synthesis of plant proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and stimulating the growth of crops.

potassium sulfate in food

The pure potassium sulfate is a colorless crystal, and the appearance of potassium sulfate for agriculture is mostly yellowish. Potassium sulfate has low hygroscopicity, is not easy to agglomerate, has good physical properties, and is convenient to apply, and is a good water-soluble potassium fertilizer. Potassium sulphate is especially suitable for economic crops that avoid chlorhexidine, such as tobacco, grapes, beets, tea trees, potatoes, flax and various fruit trees. It is also the main raw material for the production of ternary compound fertilizer without chlorine, phosphorus and potassium. Potassium sulphate is a chemically neutral, physiologically acidic fertilizer suitable for use in a variety of soils (excluding flooded soils) and crops. After being applied to the soil, potassium ions can be directly absorbed and utilized by the crop, and can also be adsorbed by the soil colloid. Potassium sulphate is applied to crops that require more sulfur, such as cruciferous crops, on sulfur-deficient soils.


Potassium sulfate is a basic raw material for producing various potassium salts such as potassium carbonate, potassium persulfate and the like. The glass industry is used as a sinking agent. The dye industry is used as an intermediate. The perfume industry is used as an auxiliary agent. The pharmaceutical industry is also used as a laxative. Potassium sulphate is a commonly used potassium fertilizer in agriculture. The potassium content is about 50%. It is commonly known as "Baijiali" in Taiwan. In addition, potassium sulfate is also used industrially in glass, dyes, perfumes, medicines, and the like.


Agricultural use as a chemical fertilizer is a raw material for the production of potassium salts. Potassium sulphate is used as an additive in electroplating and acts as a conductive salt and an auxiliary. The food industry is used as a general purpose additive. The dye industry is used as an intermediate. The perfume industry is used as an auxiliary agent. The pharmaceutical industry is also used as a laxative. Also used for serum protein biochemical tests.

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