Sodium tripolyphosphate as a food improver

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sodium tripolyphosphate

Chemical formula: Na5P3O10

Executive standard: food grade GB25566-2010/FCC industrial grade GB/T 9984-2008

Product traits: white powder or granules, soluble in water.


1. In the food industry, it is mainly used as a quality improver for canned food, dairy products, juice drinks and soymilk; water retaining agent and tenderizer for meat products such as ham, luncheon meat, etc.; And the role of tenderization, swelling and bleaching; softening of the beans in canned beans; also as a softener, chelating agent, pH regulator and thickener and in the beer industry.

2. industry

Used as a detergent additive, it can also be used in petroleum, metallurgy, mining, paper making, water treatment, etc. Mainly used as an auxiliary agent for synthetic detergents, used in soap synergists and to prevent the precipitation and blooming of bar soap oil. It has a strong emulsification effect on lubricating oil and fat and can be used to adjust the pH of the buffer soap. A softener for industrial water. Tanning - agent. Dyeing aids. In the paint, kaolin, magnesia, calcium carbonate and other industries, when used in suspension, it is used as a dispersing agent. Drilling mud dispersant. The paper industry is used as an anti-oil agent.

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