Sodium Thiosulfate (Grand Soda)

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Color: White

Appearance: Granule, Colorless And Transparent Monoclinic Crystal

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Grand Soda (sodium thiosulfate)

Sodium thiosulfate, also known as sub-soda, sea wave (derived from its alias sodium hyposulfite). It is a common thiosulfate, a colorless transparent monoclinic crystal. Sodium thiosulfate is readily soluble in water and reacts with strong acids to produce sulfur and sulfur dioxide. Sodium thiosulfate is an antidote to cyanide. It is colorless, transparent crystal or crystalline fine particles; odorless, salty; weathering in dry air, deliquescent in wet air; weak alkaline reaction in aqueous solution.


It is mainly used as a fixer in the photographic industry, followed by a reducing agent for dichromate during tanning, a neutralizer for nitrogen-containing tail gas, a mordant, a bleach for straw and wool, and a dechlorination agent for pulp bleaching. It is also used in the manufacture of tetraethyl lead, dye intermediates, etc., and in silver ore extraction.

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